Time Out's 2019 Renovation Story

From 15th August, Time Out Hotel closed its doors and we started our renovations for 2019! This summer we are working on upgrading all of our Superior and Pool View Bathrooms and adding a brand new Buffet Room to the restaurant. We are so excited to share our progress with bi-weekly updates which can be found below. These updates would detail what we have accomplished and what we have left to do!

We hope you enjoy reading our 2019 renovation stories!

All the best,
Alicia Farmer

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30th August 2019 - Renovation Story #1

12th Sept 2019 - Renovation Story #2

27th Sept 2019 - Renovation Story #3

11th Oct 2019 - Renovation Story #4

25th Oct 2019 - Renovation Story #5

25th Nov 2019 - We're Open!