Your Kadooment Day Checklist

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It’s finally August which means Kadooment Day is fast approaching. It’s the last lap of parties before the big day and you’re going all out, as you should. After a full weekend of partying, it may be a hectic experience trying to gather yourself and all your stuff for Jump-up Day and the worst thing is to find yourself mid-jam and realize you’ve forgotten something important. We’ve therefore, compiled a list to make sure that you’re fully prepared, comfortable and have the endurance to make it through the day.

☐ Layout your costume from the night before

Costumes come with a ton of bits and pieces, like wristbands, gems et cetera. Make it easy for yourself and lay out all your essentials so they’re close to hand when you’re getting ready to leave.

☐ Charge your phones!

How will you make your friends back home jealous if you have no selfies or videos? Document your fun times with a full battery.

1 clip your nails

☐ Clip your toenails!

Guys and girls, this is very important! Chipping down the road with long toenails is a recipe for ingrown nails or even losing one. To avoid this disturbing faux pas, clip them short and sashay down the road in comfort.

2 go to bed early

☐ Go to bed early

If you want to last on the road, getting all the rest you need is important. You’ll probably want to wake up early as well to get your costume and gems on and make it to the band in time for breakfast. Get to bed early and set an alarm so you’re up on time to get everything done.

3 comfort over style 

☐ Comfort over style

While styling those heels or boots may give your costume that extra pop, your feet and back won’t be happy about it. Choose a smart pair of sneakers or if you do decide on boots choose a ½ size up and break them in before the big day.

4 stay hydrated

☐ Stay hydrated

First, make sure you have your drink cup packed!
With the flowing alcohol it may be an easy oversite to forego water, but with the humidity, wukking up (dancing), alcohol and long route to travel, your energy will be zapped in no time. Make sure to take water breaks frequently and pace yourself.

5 sunscreen

☐ Protect your skin

Sunblock! Sunblock! Sunblock! No matter your race, we’re all prone to a harsh sun burn or worse. Lather up before you leave and throughout the day to protect your delicate skin from the harsh rays.

☐ Eat!

We’ll reiterate again...YOU NEED ENERGY and the best part is, food is provided by the band! Don’t skip out on breakfast, lunch or snacks as those will fuel you up to get down the road in one piece.

☐ Pack only the essentials
☐ Phone, obviously, for selfies
☐ Cash, just in case, AKA vex money
☐ Wrist bands
☐ Drink cups
☐ Sunglasses
☐ Medication like asthma inhalers etc.

☐ Designate a meetup spot

Choosing a predetermined meetup spot is very important so no man gets left behind. This is also important since cell signal may be poor with the plethora of people on the road that day. Maybe set behind the drinks truck as your spot or different landmarks along the way like Chefette or Weisers Beach Bar so if you have to split for some reason, you and your friends can always find each other.

☐ Have a designated driver

Of course you want to party hard and test your limits, after all it’s Crop Over where you throw your inhibitions to the wind and have fun! But, before you toss all those inhibitions to the cosmos, save one to decide who will be the designated driver, after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
(P.S. With the great atmosphere, bumping music and dancing, you won’t miss the drinks anyway.)

6 have fun

☐ Have fun!

After all, this is what Crop Over is about. ‘Free up’ and get ready to ‘do down’ over the next few days. See you on the road!