10 Essentials to Pack when visiting Barbados

You’ve booked your flight, secured your room at Time Out Hotel and planned all your tours and places to visit while in the beautiful island of Barbados. The next step is to pack your suitcase!
In your excitement and haste to get to this sunny island, you may overlook some essentials or may not even be aware that they’re necessary. To help, we’ve created a list of important tidbits you should be sure to pack before your trip.



With almost 60 pristine, gorgeous beaches in Barbados, it’d be almost sinful to visit without stopping by one. If you envision your vacation and it looks like a different beach everyday, then pack your suitcase full of bikinis and trunks and make that dream a reality!

2.Sunblock, Aloe Vera Gel, Hat and Sunglasses


You’re planning a visit to the Caribbean, so sun should be expected. To avoid an unpleasant sunburn, pack your sunblock and lather up every time you go out to explore this beautiful island. If you do happen to get a little too much tanning time, don’t let that ruin your vacation. Apply the soothing aloe vera gel to your burn and get right back to it! In keeping with this theme, throw some hats and sunglasses into your suitcase as well. These will help to shade your delicate skin and sensitive eyes from the sun.



With views around every corner, you’ll want to snap away all day long. Make space for a camera to capture your memories and while you’re at it, grab a waterproof case as well. Snorkeling is a must do in Barbados and we guarantee you’ll want to note those moments to share with friends back home.

4.Compact Umbrella or raincoat


While visiting Barbados, there’s a great possibility that you may encounter some rain, especially if you visit during the rainy season (June to November). You can feel free to purchase while you’re here, but if you have a compact umbrella or raincoat, it’s best to pack it just in case. This will also help shade you from the sun.

5.Comfortable shoes and some flip flops


Our island is relatively small and staying on the South Coast at Time Out Hotel offers the luxury of being close to several beaches and places of interest as well as being on a very active bus route. This means an adventure is a short stroll or bus ride way. Swap your more formal shoes for comfortable flats so you can explore this beautiful island freely and throw in your flip flops for your visits to the beach.
Pro tip: Bring multifunctional flats that can be seamlessly paired with your day wear and an elegant dress at night.

6. Semi-formal wear


Barbados is well-known for our culinary prowess and fine dining experiences and with tons of restaurants, from the very casual to the more high end, your choices are endless. We suggest dressing up and visiting a mid-range to high end restaurant to get a refined, authentic taste of what Barbados has to offer.

7. Bug Spray


Unfortunately, the one downside to Barbados is we’re plagued with the pesky mosquito. Pack or purchase your insect repellant to stay safe from these bothersome pests .

8. Adapter

If you’re visiting from a European country you may want to look into investing in an adapter and voltage converter. Barbados carries Type A and B power plugs and sockets and the standard voltage is 115V.
If you don’t pack an adapter and your devices are not compatible with our sockets, you may be unable to charge them for a while. If your devices are not compatible with our voltage, you may run the risk of destroying your battery.

9. Star Finder App

Luckily for you, Barbados offers clear skies most nights. Pull out your star finder app, go stargazing and admire the amazing night sky we offer. While you’re at it, feel free to pack a picnic, or ask your hotel, and make a romantic outing of it.

10. A Good Book


If you’re an avid reader, packing your go to book will give you great material for the plane ride here and something to occupy your time while you sunbathe on the beach or by the pool. If you happen to forget it, however, don’t worry. There are tons of new and second hand bookstores around the island to satisfy your inner bibliophile.

P.S. Camouflage is illegal in Barbados so we strongly suggest that you avoid packing any camouflage clothing or items when visiting.